PHP Project: DailyLife

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Wanna have a private zone to record some special moment, some unforgettable memory?

Wanna have a quite place to speak-out-loud but not to afraid of the mass followers of your social media?

Wanna have a section in your website to share your feeling of your daily life but don't want to start a formal post?

Introducing DailyLife, a slight php-based platform that record the moment of your daily life.

just a few step, you can have your own DailyLife page.

You can edit your status like this:

or you can edit your status in a rich-text form:

Everytime you update your status, your timeline changes too:

Also, you can share your status to social or delete your status as long as you want to.

Folk on Github


See the DailyLife page of me: DailyLife


  1. Download the projects
git clone
  1. Modify conn.php to your own mysql server and datebase.

  2. Create a new table dailylife in your database use sql.sql

use database;
create table dailylife
   statusDate         varchar(50) not null,
   statusContent      text,
   hashTag            varchar(50) not null,
   id                 INT(11) not null AUTO_INCREMENT,
   likeNum            INT(11),
   primary key (id)
  1. Encrypt folder admin

  2. Done!


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